Schublade, Weiß, für PAX 50x58 Neu und Originalverpackt! All of the Ikea PAX frames are 22 7/8″ deep, 93 1/8″ tall and the large ones are 33 1/4″ wide, so they are big. are), but I’m not sure about the drawers. How did you attach them, glue? But, it does seem like a TON of work for a DIYer, and that you would need a professional carpenter to help with all the details. Looks like “Malm Schublade ikea” has already been sold. Erin, would you please just clarify one thing for me. Description. Beautiful closet. We then caulked all the seams. We are just wrapping up a similar project and used your site heavily for inspiration and instruction. Thank you so much for the how-to. I wish you had a youtube channel and 2. are you available for hire? Sure! Let me know if that wasn’t clear – I can try to explain it more thoroughly . Nur minimale Abnutzungserscheinungen. I have PAX lighting that I’m using in another part of my house. The shallower drawer installed perfectly into the deeper unit and looks exactly the same as the other drawers from the front . These we attached with construction adhesive and used clamps to hold them in place. Schließt sich durch den integrierten Dämpfer langsam, sanft und geräuschlos. I’m so inspired by this. We shimmed under the units to ensure they were completely level, ensuring that the units were level to one another, so when we ran the baseboards across the front of them, everything looked flush. Incredibly well done. Just wondering what the drawers look like when opened! ), or build a soffit that comes down to the top of the Pax. Kann es sein, dass es die 50x35 ist oder die für den Korpus 75x35? Thanks for the detailed blog post about this . I definitely would consider this a pretty advanced project as a whole, however, there are aspects of it that are definitely easier individually and on their own would still make a big impact, like adding baseboards, wallpapering the backs of the units, and painting them. May in inquire as to what brand/finish/paint you used to spray the color in both your closet and master bedroom? Did you take the drawer tracks out in order to paint? Please contact the staff or look at for more information. double futon ikea. Please! Expertly done and it shows! Was wondering where you got your brass light fixture from? Mar 15, 2020 - peedpous Ausziehbare Schublade Schuhregal Ausziehbare Schuhregal für Schrank Schuhschublade Schuhsch Schließt sich durch den integrierten Dämpfer langsam, sanft und geräuschlos. Thanks so much for the very detailed post. I absolutely adored the blue, custom cabinetry and decided I was going to figure out a way to get a similar look in my own house with a non-custom budget. Sure – the rods are white, which was looking really stark against the dark paint colour, so swapping them for wood rods felt more elevated in our space. This limited our options down to hanging rods, drawers and shelves. Did you think about that when you were designing the closet? Wow, and wow. Also..I have one more unit to put together, I am thinking about trying to get very thin plywood instead of using the back with the PAX system, (cut to size of course). Definitely a cut above the usual IKEA hacks. Quick question, the link for the poplar board takes reader to Home Depot with purebond. I’d love to do something like this but not sure how to deal with the ceiling height…plus the light switch is 21 inches from the back wall so it is inside the depth of the Pax unit which is 22 7/8 inch deep. This is just amazing! Looks great! Thank you! IKEA. We cataloged how much space we each needed for our clothes (High, Medium, Low) and storage type by clothing category in a spreadsheet, and then I referenced it as I created each of our sides of the closet to ensure we had enough space for our existing wardrobe items and our storage preferences. So, let’s get started on how we transformed our closet from this: In order to achieve the high-end custom look I envisioned, we added baseboards, crown moulding, shoe moulding, recessed puck lights for in-cabinet lighting, refaced the fronts and sides of the wardrobe units with wood strips, added wood drawer fronts, added plugs to cover the unused shelving holes, wallpapered the back of the units, primed and painted everything, then swapped out the metal hanging rods for stained wooden rods, and finally added drawer hardware. Farbe: Eicheneff 50x58cm. IKEA Pax Hosenaufhänger. €30.00. This is absolutely beautiful! I haven’t seen this option at ikea and am curious how you fastened the drawer hardware and right side drawer support “wall”? I am so impressed by this! Thank you! I’m curious, I noticed that in one of the unfinished pictures I can see the puck light wiring on the outside of the pax unit. €10.00 IKEA PAX … brand new mito double futon … Hi Johanna, since we did the work ourselves we didn’t get a quote for a custom closet, and we wanted a very specific built-in look that equated to the highest end at most closet solution companies. This isn’t to say that they aren’t helpful to maximize storage, but it’s very challenging to make them look seamless in a high-end custom closet. 10 T-Shirts. It’s a good question! Thank you! I’m curious how you’re liking the shallower 13” side with hanging clothes. Alles problemlos abgehandelt . ikea malm bedside table. In die Schublade passen ca. IKEA. Hi! double sofa bed ikea… For instance, I fold my jeans, while Cory prefers to hang his, and he dresses business casual for work, meaning there’s a lot of shirts to hang. None have inspired me the way this one has. I am considering stacking two shelf dividers one over the other for my project and I would love to know if you had a problem/how your divider was attached to your shelf? That being said, having grown our skills today, we would potentially tackle the full build-out from scratch today (if we had the dedicated time), just because we love a new challenge ha! Have you tried using a heavier coat of wallpaper glue? Most tutorials I read online indicated that they primed once, we actually did two coats because the primer dries really fast and we’re a little bit neurotic. Looks great! So, let’s get started … It’s a small detail that you may not notice, but is one of those things that you certainly would have noticed had it not been installed. How long would you estimate this project took to complete? We bought a spray gun on a whim and it isn’t really designed for big projects like the walls, but we’ve made it work anyway, so I’m not sure I have the best recommendation :/ (it’s the Wagner Home Decor Sprayer). (Thank you for making the correction on priming) how were you able to get the wallpaper to fit so perfectly after you assembled the wardrobe being that it’s hard to reach the back w/o stepping on the bottom of the unit to reach the back? It looks amazing — can you share what size each of the drawer fronts is? This looks stunning!! You are my hero, this is the most beautiful ikea hack that I’ve ever seen, and your house is just beautiful. If so where? It looks like oubhave 2-3 feet in the middle? One of the tell-tale signs of an IKEA Pax is the seam that runs down the back wall of the wardrobe unis. For reference, the room is 14.6′ long by 6.5′ wide, and we opted for the deeper IKEA Pax units on one side (29″ deep) and shallower units on the other wall (13″ deep), which allowed for a wide walkway between the two units. Thanks. You may be also interested in. Mehr darüber in der Garantiebroschüre. really thinking outside the box. The light switch on the side of the cabinets–what type of clearance was needed inside of the drawer for an electrical box? Hi! We attached the baseboards to the front of the wardrobe units with construction adhesive, and added nails where the baseboards sat flush with the vertical sides of each individual wardrobe unit. Could you please tell me how you were able to recreate the fronts on the drawers? Next up, was installing the baseboards to the front of the units. I’m more inclined to do the regular shelves like you did because then if I wanted to rearrange my bags/accessories/shoe placement, it’s easier. The back we also left as is, but wallpapered it to disguise the sad MDF, and hasn’t shown any wear at all. Don’t worry that the drawer fronts may not sit flush with the trim on the front of the units, we address that later. The project seems to be getting bigger as the ideas and inspiration from your posts flood in. Questions and answers Log in or sign up to ask a public question. your closet is absolutely exquisite! Ikea Schublade. Another go-to paint for cabinetry is Benjamin Moore Advance, which has held up really well on our downstairs bathroom vanity and is more widely available and more budget-friendly. The walkway is 37” across (a little less if you measure from the quarter round and not the face of the units), hope that helps!! Our PAX wardrobes are like built-in wardrobes, except you get to decide it all – the size, style, doors and interior organisers to sort your things. Most people hid the drawers by adding doors on the wardrobe units, but we didn’t have the space, or the desire to add so many unnecessary cabinet doors to our space. I had that issue with an old IKEA dresser years ago that drove me bonkers, but, I think because we have so much more space than we need right now, we aren’t stuffing the drawers (unlike 22 year old me living into a tiny NYC apartment, ha! Turns out they don’t sell 5/8 inch Poplar, so Cory ended up finding stain grade flat pine board at Lowes that worked like a charm. die Schublade ist neu und unbenutzt, sie ist aufgebaut die schienen gibt es dazu... You may be also interested in. A plywood back might be a good idea, I hadn’t considered that, but we’ve used a thin ply as the back of other units we’ve built from scratch and it’s been great! We attached the drawer fronts using screws into each corner through the back – there’s more detail in step #12, Thank you Also curious which spray gun you recommend! Hi! You primed with a roller but sprayed the finish…correct?! I’ve shown this project to so many people, it really blows me away. We’re trying to build built-in closets in our closet-free brownstone and we’re not sure where to begin since our ceilings are 11 ft. Woof! Jan 19, 2020 - IKEA - KOMPLEMENT, Schublade, weiß, Inklusive 10 Jahre Garantie. This step was only relevant for the wardrobe units without drawers at the bottom. ikea pax kleiderschrank. Inklusive Schienen. A lot of you expressed concern over how we would paint the shiny IKEA laminate finish, and I can assure you it’s totally doable. We are in the midst of doing ours much like you have and I have a question. I am just getting started on my install. We left the drawers in place but removed any shelves (except the top ones since we fixed those in place) to wallpaper, then we primed everything (including the wallpaper) and then painted everything. What was the total cost on this project? Is there a specific reason why you went with 1/2 inch thick vs 3/4 inch thick? Erin, you are my IDOL!!!!! In order to reach all six of our closet units, we had to order extra extension cords. We used a small bead of construction adhesive on the back of the puck light to secure it into the recessed hole in the shelf. grey rug ikea. Did you alter the depth of the drawer? Hi!! In die Schublade passen ca. It’s critical that your baseboards are level across all the units, because you need to create square openings for your drawer fronts later on. Ikea Malm Kommode. The poplar had to be ordered for delivery to our house, since it wasn’t available in stores. May 22, 2020 - KOMPLEMENT Schublade mit Frontrahmen, weiß, 75x58 cm Frontrahmen erweitern die Möglichkeiten, PAX Kleiderschränke dem persönlichen Stil anzupassen. BEAUTIFUL WORK! Ikea pax. Schließt sich durch den integrierten Dämpfer langsam, sanft und geräuschlos. We’re trying to decide if we should also Pax and then add customization like this as well. This is amazing work! Your home is beautiful! I had much better luck painting my closet shelves with BIN, which I did outside in the hot sun. Hi! Can you tell me why you replaced the hanging rods? This is the most stunning IKEA hack I’ve seen to date. Wie oben beschrieben eine Schublade für den Ikea Pax Orginal Verpackt! Your closet turned out really beautifully, and I wanted to do something similar. We again used the same Fashion Forward crown moulding from Metrie and installed it along the top edge of all the wardrobe units. A little known secret is that IKEA sells packs of plugs designed to hide the many, many holes in the Pax system that are used for shelving, etc. Hi Ashley! You have fabulous taste and I’m so impressed with all your hard work. Did you use something different like a spray adhesive? All units require assembly. I was thinking about installing the wardrobe frames without the cardboard back and just letting my shiplap walls show through the back. This is stunning!! Alle Vorteile der glatten Schubladenfronten – doch mit individuellem Ausddruck. When you painted, how did you keep the paint from filling the holes that you wanted to leave open on the adjustable shelves? Its made all of my items much more sturdy and durable. Hey! We’ve been thrilled with both paints, so far! Hi. I didn’t want to put all this work into making the Pax look custom only to have a seam give it away that these are indeed IKEA! IKEA. In mehreren Breiten und Tiefen erhältlich. Did you screw the new fronts of the drawers to the old ones?