Klagenfurt – Villach – Venice (Italy) For the route to Venice, your pass must also be valid in Italy. Sit back, chill out and enjoy the spectacular views as you move from one cool destination to the next on board Europe’s trains. Please contact our order support team by email via purchases@interrail.eu, and make sure to include your return number and your old and new Interrail order numbers. Whereby a night train should already be. Get your Exit tickets today through our trusted partner Festival.Travel. Interrail. Choose your option to explore Europe by train. Buy an Interrail Global Pass from My Interrail and discover 30 different European countries from as little as £179 with just 1 Rail pass. If your Interrail Pass is valid in Austria, your ticket on the following bus routes is FREE. Melt festival, a lakeside electronic party with an infamous sleepless floor that will melt your senses. Profitez donc des réductions inédites Groupon avec le code promo interrail. Interrail Ticket: the basis of your journey. Et ouais ça date pas d’hier. The program “seeks to offer all young people, regardless of their background and including young people with reduced mobility, a chance to travel abroad”. Interrail is your key to exploring Europe. You can purchase Interrail tickets in paper form only at selected stations (see attached list) or you can buy an Interrail ticket in mobile form by purchasing at www.interrail.eu followed by activation in the Rail Planner application (support for iOS and android). 4.5 You will be notified of receipt of your claim by the Interrail.eu Claims Department within 5 business days of receipt. Achetez vos tickets étape par étape tel qu'expliqué. On est libre d’aller où on veut, quand on veut, dans la limite du réseau ferré évidemment ! You can still Discover our EU! Exit tickets. The Interrail ticket is a rail pass for low-cost train travel in 33 European countries. Durant les jours de voyages, le billet permet alors la libre circulation sur les trains de la zone couverte par le pass. 2 Le Pass enfant gratuit est valable pour 2 enfants maximum par voyageur détenteur d’un Pass InterRail Europe. Totally paper-free, you won’t have to worry about damaging or losing your pass – provided you keep hold of your phone! En achetant votre ticket sur notre site, vous soutenez notre travail et nous permettez de vous fournir toujours plus d’informations et de services gratuitement sur rail.cc. Pour les trajets plus longs, vous aurez peut-être besoin de plus qu'un seul ticket. interrail route 4 weeks – the golden ticket Otherwise known as the ultimate interrail route, The Golden Ticket was created by experts using the feedback from our clients. Once we receive the unused Interrail Pass(es) back, we will process a 100% refund minus the €15 exchange fee per Interrail Pass. 2 024 personnes ont déjà évalué Interrail. Hop on many of Europe’s trains by simply showing your Interrail Pass. Our agents only process refund requests of Reservation Tickets with a value of more than € 25 per person, not including the booking fee. Chose qu’on oublie de préciser clairement lors de l’acaht. By phone. In person: At a ticket desk at a local Italian train station. Go in search of sandy beaches, metropolitan cities, top nightlife and new friends from around the world. Create your own story with unlimited Interrail route possibilities! At Interrail.eu we are an online sales channel of InterRail Passes and we strive to offer all the information travelers need in order to plan their trip with the Pass. Si vous le souhaitez, pouvez-vous nous envoyer un courrier électronique à l'adresse "customerservice@interrail.eu" pour toute question relative à notre site web et si possible, faites-nous savoir la page où elle a eu des bugs et le problème du cookie - car nous ne sommes pas conscients de cela. Comment utiliser l'information suivante : nous vous montrons les meilleurs itinéraires et où acheter des tickets. There is no longer any discount for Interrail holders on the Dover-Calais ferry route, and no longer with DFDS for Newcastle-Amsterdam. Continue to follow our social media channels in the meantime - we will keep you posted! Avec l’InterRail Global Pass, voyagez aussi en Bosnie-Herzégovine et au Monténégro. Interrail Pass validity Interrail Passes are categorised according to the countries they’re valid in, and the type and duration of their validity. It's not possible to buy tickets or reservations for this route at Italian train stations. Apres avoir payer nos pass interrail,nous avons deja du deboursser une jolie somme pour sortir de France. For more information visit www.interrail.eu or follow the Facebook page. All the information on our website is carefully researched, so if you could give us details of what kind of information you considered confusing or misleading, we appreciate your feedback. For more info, click here. Alors mon p’tit c’est simple, le pass InterRail est un ticket de train qui te permet de voyager en Europe (30 pays) de façon illimitée en 2de classe (ou 1er classe…) pendant une période donnée. You won’t have to manually note down each trip; simply add your journey straight from the Interrail Rail Planner app to make the ticket inspector’s job that much easier. Starting in 2018, the European Union’s DiscoverEU started offering free interrail passes or equivalent fixed tickets to 18 year olds who are EU citizens or legally residing in the EU. Nous sommes les partenaires officiels de interrail.eu, et nous pouvons vous offrir toute la gamme de tickets Interrail au meilleur prix. Tout ce que vous avez à faire, c’est simplement entrer vos destinations, Interrail se charge du reste. An easy way to travel to European cities is to cross the Baltic Sea on a ship. This is one party you don't want to miss! Click on 'Find tickets' and select the train you want to take. You may be asked by the train staff to show the e-ticket together with the credit card that was used for booking. Klagenfurt – Graz. Interrail Global Pass or Interrail One Country Pass? Italy Interrail Passes are now available on mobile. Vous n’avez pas à noter manuellement chaque trajet. If you want to make a journey that isn’t entirely covered by the validity of your Interrail Pass, you will have to buy a ticket for that part of the journey at a normal fare. You can reach us on Facebook, Twitter and by email at customerservice@interrail.eu. The Interrail.eu Claims Department will use the exchange rates of De Nederlandsche Bank to determine the value of the replacement rail tickets at the time of purchase. We hope you have a great day and stay safe! Reservations for the TGV (Paris to Milan) Seats are limited for Interrail Pass Holders. You'll only have to pay for the seat reservation. Reservations for special train types and night trains. Ainsi dématérialisé, vous n'aurez pas à vous soucier d'endommager ou de perdre votre pass à condition de garder votre téléphone avec vous ! Alternatively you can buy a ferry-only ticket by phone with a 30% Interrail discount, call Stena Line on 08445 762 762. Boat cruises in Austria Buy your Interrail pass online through SNCB International. There are discounts for young people (up to 27 years) and senior travellers (60+). We offer e-tickets for trains in Italy. Kind regards, Customer Service team Reisender (STR) 3 reviews. DE. Select the type of ticket … They have English speaking staff and they can book all seat reservations in Germany. Wondering about the next round of applications? You can make your reservations through the call centre of the German railways UK booking center. EU plans to give free Interrail pass to every 18-year-old in Europe on their birthday ‘The mobility of young people is essential in promoting a sense of belonging to Europe’ For a flat-rate price, you can take an unlimited number of train journeys throughout Europe over a certain period. Vos tickets et réservations de train au meilleur prix. Autrement dit,le prix de votre interrail c’est pin uts! En fait,vous acheter un pass,certes,mais vous devrez payer pour chaque train,bis,ter.. que vous prendrez pour voyager en europe. If conditions across Europe allow, we will do our best to put DiscoverEU back on track in spring 2021 and offer new chances to win a travel pass! Domestic tickets. Le pays dans lequel vous avez votre résidence permanente; Le numéro de votre pièce d'identité valide; La date de début du voyage (= début de la durée de validité du Pass) Lors des contrôles à bord du train, vous devrez présenter la pièce d’identité indiquée sur l’Interrail Pass. Interrail n’est toutefois pas valide sur les trains Fertagus. Dance the night away to pop and dance while surrounded by raw industrial beauty. C’est un pass qui existe depuis 1972 ! Défilez vers le bas, lisez les détails et utilisez les liens de réservation. Melt festival . Don't forget to select 1st or 2nd class under 'Eurail / InterRail Pass' in the bottom left of the block, otherwise you'll only get search results for the full ticket price. Vous allez payer bien plus apres! With good planning you can save travel days and choose a cheaper option. Le Pass InterRail est un billet de train permettant la circulation sur les réseaux ferroviaires européens en dehors du pays de résidence du détenteur. Fill in your station of departure and arrival. Il permet de sélectionner un certain nombre de jours de voyages sur une période de validité donnée. What? Ajoutez simplement votre trajet directement à partir de l'application Interrail … The Interrail passes can be purchased from the ticket offices at the railway stations and CFR Passengers’ Agencies that issue train tickets in international traffic. You can find more information at www.interrail.eu. Interrail Passes are not sold on the vr.fi website but you can buy them from the international interrail.eu website. When and where? 3. Merci beaucoup ! It is a great experience, at least in my eyes. Validité: Interrail est valide sur tous les trains CP (compagnie nationale). Who doesn’t want that dream interrail pass to explore Europe’s finest cities? If you want to save travelling days on your Pass, you can purchase a separate ticket for domestic travel. Interrail vous facilite la tâche en vous proposant un service de tickets de train international en ligne. 184.4k Followers, 330 Following, 1,661 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Interrail Official (@interraileu) Apprenez-en plus sur leurs expériences et partagez la vôtre ! If you booked your Reservation Ticket through our Reservation Service agents, you need to send your refund request to customerservice@interrail.eu at least 48 hours before the train’s departure. Le Pass Interrail n’est PAS disponible à l’achat dans le pays de résidence que vous avez sélectionné (Etats-Unis). How to go Interrailing from Finland. Vous devez voyager avec un Pass Eurail. Equipment: do you already have a rucksack or suitcase, hiking boots or not?